Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Copic Coloring Guide

Last week I received my Copic Coloring Guide written by Marianne Walker and Colleen Schaan.  While I was at the Copic Mixed Media class I was able to have my book autographed by both Marianne and Colleen.

Helen Johnson, Marianne, and Myself

Mixed Arts & Media Copic Class

Hi there,

Last Saturday, June 4th, my friend Helen Johnson and I went to a copic mixed arts and media class in Indianapolis. The class was amazing and the instructors Colleen Schaan and Bianca Mandity were simply awesome. I learned a lot of new techniques and how to think out of the box. Here is the collage that I made in class, but finished my airbrushing at home. The collage was to tell a story about yourself.  By the way you simply have to have a copic airbrush system.  They are so much fun and you can do so many difference things and styles with it.

I was having so much fun that I made another collage on Sunday showing my love of bow making.

So if you get a chance to take this class it is worth the time and money.  You will have a great artistic time like I did.